What Kills Fleas On Dogs

Fleas are a very common problem in every household that has dogs. If you are the owner of a dog, you should know what kills fleas on dogs. Fleas are pests that feed on warm-blooded animals. When dogs go outside the house, fleas attach themselves to the dog’s skin and feed on their blood. Once they are completely fed, they detach themselves from the dog’s coat and reside inside the house till they want to feed again. Fleas can cause skin problems and also breed inside your house and infest it.

You need to prevent fleas from infesting your house. Apart from causing irritation, fleas are also capable of breeding very fast. They can lay hundreds of eggs in a matter of months. Thus, it is important to know what kill fleas on dogs and get rid of them as soon as possible. There are many commercial products available to get rid of fleas, but before using them you must ensure that they do not contain any toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals used to kill fleas can also cause harm to your dog and make it very sick. You must talk to a veterinarian and find out the best solution to get rid of fleas. In extreme conditions, chemicals may have to be used to kill fleas, but the health and safety of your dog should be kept in mind.

Prevention can help to greatly reduce this problem of fleas. You must clean your house regularly and vacuum those areas where your dog spends more time. You must inspect your dog carefully after it comes back from outside, and use flea combs to groom him and get rid of the fleas that might have attached themselves to your dog. You must bathe your dog regularly and give him olive oil washes to get rid of the fleas. You can also use special flea shampoos or add neem oil, eucalyptus or aloe vera to regular shampoo to prevent or wash off fleas. You must also regularly clean and remove dead bushes and plants as they are the ideal places for the fleas to reside in. Apart from these preventive measures, you must also know what kills fleas on dogs.

There are many natural ways of killing fleas on dogs which are now being used by majority of the people to deal with this problem. If your house is infested by fleas there is a simple trap that you can set up to kill them. Fleas get attracted to light. Thus, you can switch on a bright light in your house and put a bowl of water with a few drops of washing soap below the light. The fleas will get attracted to the light, get weak, fall down below it and drown. You can also mix water and vinegar in equal quantities and apply it on your dog’s coat. These are some simple natural remedies that will kill the fleas on your dog’s coat and will not be harmful for your dog at all. There are also many books and websites which you can refer to and find out natural remedies for what kills fleas on dogs.