Natural Remedies For Fleas On Dogs

Most households with pet dogs and cats often have issues related to flea infestation. Fleas are pests that are capable of fast reproduction, by surviving on your dog’s blood. These tiny insects are brown in color, and are wingless. Getting rid of fleas is a big deal, since it not only creates trouble to the dog, but also jeopardizes the living condition of anyone and everyone in the house. So, if your dog is has fleas, the best way to tackle it is by removing them completely. There are various ways you can go about the task of eradicating fleas on dogs, but the most preferred ones are the natural methods. Natural remedies for fleas on dog are very effective and efficient, and can help you solve the flea problem within weeks of implementation.

If you are worried that the chemical approach of treating fleas can harm your dog adversely, then the natural remedies for fleas on dogs are suited for you. In the first step, you need to closely examine your dog, who is suffering from fleas, especially in the flank and back area. By close observation, one can actually get to see flea dirt or feces, which are small pebbles in the fur of the animal, black in color.

Your crusade against fleas on dogs begins by changing the dog’s food habits. Introduction of garlic into his diet is a good option. Garlic is one of the strongest flea repellent and suppressant, and the aroma released by the animal on regular consumption of garlic in small amount can deplete the flea count considerably. Besides, weekly intake of sulfur will also help in keeping the fleas at bay. You can also use Black Walnut Hulls that is available in capsule form available at the nearest health food stores. These are capable of not only eradicating fleas, but also mosquitoes and ticks. Within six weeks of proper usage, the results will show considerable decrease or elimination of fleas from your dog.

Next, you need to focus on the bathing of your dog. Usage of herbal shampoos, containing ingredients like bergamot, lavender, rosemary, pine cedar, citronella, geranium, eucalyptus or juniper is one if the best natural remedies for fleas on dogs. This can ensure successful killing of the nasty pests. Lather for a long time, up to fifteen minutes, and use hot water for cleansing the head and neck area, where the concentration of the fleas is the maximum. Also, brush the fur properly, so that any remaining flea larvae are also killed.

Lastly, you can create a mixture of natural borax, diatomaceous earth and salt, and spray it around your house, especially on carpets, rugs and other areas where your dog visit. This mixture is potent against flea, and almost kills it instantly by drawing away the moisture content of the flea. Also, diatomaceous earth can puncture the exoskeleton of the pest. You can also use your vacuum cleaner to spray this mixture to those nooks and crannies of your house that are hard to reach. By using these natural remedies for fleas on dogs, you will be able to wipe out the pest forever.