Kill Fleas On Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you should be well acquainted to tackle with flea infestation. Although fleas may initially seem harmless, they are one of the most dreaded parasites in the world, troubling dogs and their owners alike. If you do not contain the growth of fleas, or take precautionary measure to eradicate them, then your home would soon become a flea paradise. There are more than one ways, artificial and natural, by which you can inhibit the growing population of fleas, while others can help you to kill fleas on dogs. Some of the most potent techniques, therefore, have been mentioned as follows.

Procure a flea collars – This is one of the earliest and traditional methods used to keep fleas at bay. Fleas have a tendency to thrive and breed in warm and moist conditions. But by using flea collars, you will be presenting an inhospitable and unhealthy condition to the fleas, thus keeping your canines free from fleas and any other kind of parasitic pests. But be double sure while purchasing one, because some of them contain dangerous chemicals that can affect the neck region of your precious pet.

Use oral medications – Several veterinarian offices provide dog owners with oral medication that can help in keeping the fleas at bay. Proper dosage of the prescribed medicines can render the larvae irreproducible, thus causing an abrupt end to the life cycle of a flea. Pronounced effects are visible within weeks of usage.

Resort to tropical treatments – This is one of the favorite modes to kill fleas on dogs, and is generally preferred by most pet owners, owing to the herbal nature of the entire procedure. One can get hold of tropical ointments and drops from the local pet stores, or by contacting the nearest veterinarian. By carefully placing a few drops of the liquid in the area of the shoulder blade, one can easily inhibit the growth of fleas by instantly killing them.

Clean your dog using herbal shampoos and/or bathing dips – One can resort to herbal shampoos or homemade flea-resistant dips. Both are potent materials that work against fleas, and effectively kill them. Fifteen minutes of proper caressing of the head, neck and tail region of dogs, using the shampoo or the dips can easily solve your problems and kill fleas on dogs.

Use flea combs – Special flea combs are available in various departmental and pet stores that can efficiently remove any remaining flea, larvae or egg, which might have survived the shampoo and dips session. Stroking the fur of your dog using one such comb can extract even the minutest of eggs or larvae, thus ensuring complete removal of fleas from your dog’s, as well as your life.

Try flea powders – Lastly, regular use of flea powder is advisable and recommended. You might have eradicated the flea population from your household once, but you need to ensure that they do not relapse later on. Therefore, powder your dog’s fur and skin with one of the herbal flea powder available. These powders are known to have ingredients that extract moisture out of the fleas, thereby killing them.