How To Treat Fleas On Dogs

Although flea infestation in dogs is one of the most common problems in modern households with pets, still it poses a serious threat not only for pets, but also for their owners as well. This small, black creature may seem harmless, but it is one of the most deadly parasites in the world, thriving and breeding in the blood of dogs and cats. General symptoms of presence of fleas on dogs include incessant scratching and biting, especially in the head, neck and tail region. So, if you have noticed any such behavior in your dog, it is time for you to gear up and start finding an answer to the question – ‘How to treat fleas on dogs?’

Although there are lots of ways to treat fleas on dogs, not all are the perfect answer to the question – ‘How to treat fleas on dogs?’ But some of the best treatment mechanisms are mentioned hereafter that can help you eradicate fleas from your dog’s life forever.

Make proper use of flea control ointments and liquids –There are lots of tick and flea control products available in grocery stores and markets that can suppress their growth, and even eliminate them. By applying these liquids and ointments on your dogs in the prescribed manner, you can have desired results within weeks of usage.

Develop the potent flea control spray – One can easily make create a homemade spray using natural ingredients to treat fleas on dogs. Lavender and lemon are the two most potent substances that are known for their flea repelling characteristics. Put two drops of lemon or lavender in a small spray bottle, and add small quantity of warm water. Shake well, and allow the mixture to rest for almost a day. When ready, you can go about spraying it on the fur and body of your dog, especially in the neck and head region; these regions have the highest flea activity.

Use the best flea treatment shampoos – While cleaning your dog, use a good quality flea treatment shampoo. Use of warm water with the shampoo is advisable. Not only does it inhibit flea count, it also successfully kills any developing flea egg or larvae, thus minimizing their population.

Clean your house, regularly – Maintaining proper hygiene in your house is another recommended way of treating fleas. Fleas can only grow and mature in warm, moist areas. Regular vacuuming and cleaning ensures all the places in your home stays fresh and dirt free. Vacuuming also picks up remaining pieces of larvae and flea egg.

Keep the doggie bed clean and flea-free – Perhaps the most important tasks you should perform while dealing with fleas is cleaning your dog’s bed. Use hot, soapy water to wash off your dog’s bed. This can kill off all the organisms. After washing, you can also use anti-flea spray to destroy any remaining flea eggs or larvae.

By methodically following these preventive and remedial procedures, you will be able to treat fleas once and for all. And it is a guarantee; you would never have to ask the question ‘How to treat fleas on dogs?’ again.