How To Get Fleas Out Of Carpets

A problem that virtually every owner of a cat or dog has faced at one time or another is fleas. We all know how to help our pets get rid of their fleas, from drops to powders and collars. Where we all struggle is with trying to get the remaining fleas out of our carpets and keep them from biting us or our pets. We are in luck, as there are many different remedies to this problem.

The first step, regardless of whatever method you use next, is to vacuum your house thoroughly. Change the bag or empty the canister frequently, and be sure to remove the debris immediately. If you still use a traditional bag system, you can cut a piece off a flea collar and put it in the bag, killing any fleas that enter. You want to vacuum the carpets, drapes, upholstery and any surface where the pets like to hang out. This will increase your chances of getting as many of them up as possible.

After you have finished vacuuming and disposing of the waste, there are many options available to you. There are many commercial floor treatments in powder or spray form that you can apply to the carpets and upholstery. These are chemical treatments which are essentially insecticides, and should be used in well ventilated areas. Some of these products may cause adverse reactions to your pets or your family, so use caution with them and follow the directions exactly as they are listed on the packaging. These are considered the most effective ways to get the fleas out of your carpeting.

A green alternative requires a disposable cookie tray, soapy water, a waterproof light bulb and an outdoor extension cord. You will one to get one of each for every room you want to remove fleas from. What you will want to do is find an outlet and plug the extension cord into it. Find a place on the carpet that is not in a traffic area. Place the cookie tray on the floor. Fill it with soapy water. Finally, plug the night light in and place it in the water. When the room is dark, the fleas will try and jump at the light, drowning in the soapy water, as they will be unable to get out of the tray. Replace the water daily, and your carpet should be free of fleas in a matter of days.