Home Remedy For Fleas On Dogs

Infestations of flea on dogs and other pets are a common phenomenon in most households these days. The main reason behind contamination of fleas on dogs is the amount of time spent by the dogs outside home. It is one of the most serious issues, concerning not only your canine, but also your health as well. Basic symptoms like itching and scratching in the neck, head and tail areas of the dog indicate presence of flea. So the moment you get to know about it, you got to find potent remedies of eradicating the flea, so as to relieve your dog, and to contain the fleas from spreading or contaminating. But the good news is that you do not need to visit a veterinarian for that. Home remedy for fleas on dogs exist, and is provides effective and efficient solutions to get rid of fleas on dogs, for good.

Mentioned hereafter are some of the best home remedies for fleas on dogs that can help sterilize the living condition and environment of your dog.

Usage of good shampoos related to flea treatment – Regular baths, using one of the best flea treatment shampoos is a prospective remedy for treating fleas on dogs. Proper lathering for a minimum of up to five minutes is recommended. Always use warm water to thoroughly rinse your dog’s body and coat. Lastly, ensure that all the shampoo has been completely washed out of the dog’s fur.

Keep your house neat and clean – Vacuum cleaning your home regularly is an effective home remedy for fleas on dogs. Regular cleanings can ensure the fact that flea egg and larvae do not accumulate in your house. Specially clean all those places which are your dog’s favorite. Regularly wash and occasionally change your carpets and rugs, because dogs generally spend more time in and around these materials. In case your dog sleeps on the bed, do not forget to wash your pillow cases and bed sheets.

Feed your dog garlic, but in small amounts – Regular intake of garlic in small amount can solve flea issues. Garlic has always been regarded highly as a potent flea repellant and suppressant. Regular intake of garlic would release garlic aroma from the skin of the dogs, hence creating an atmosphere not suitable for sustenance and growth of fleas. But you have to keep one thing in mind – do not use large quantities of garlic; it can prove to be poisonous and fatal.

Make sure your yard and/or garden is maintained – This is a perfect home remedy for fleas on dogs. Dogs have a tendency of spending time in the open. So, it is up to you to keep the garden or yard groomed and maintained. Any kind of debris, like sticks, leaves etc., should be removed. Cutting the grass short is also advisable. Also, prevent your beagle from rolling on, or digging into the grass, as much as possible.

Grooming your dog, regularly – Just like humans, dogs need regular grooming sessions. Cutting short your dogs fur, straightening their hairs are some of the ways you can eradicate fleas from infesting into your and your dog’s life.