Dog Flea Killer

Remember we discussed that they require humidity and warm conditions to multiply and survive? Now we will show you the ultimate dog flea killer!

Well, the first action plan for anyone with a fleas infested pet and house is to purchase a de-humidifier. It will give you the reading on how much humidity is in the air of your home. You want to use this machine to reduce the humidity to under 50%, preferably 40% or even lower, 30 percent. Not only will adult fleas die, but the eggs will not be able to hatch and after several time will die completely.

The time it takes varies amongst different species and strains of fleas. Some may actually be ticks, which take even longer to kill off, but the same procedure should work.

The next step is to reduce the air temperature in the environment. If it is fall or winter and you live in a cold environment, take a trip somewhere and turn the heating off, leaving the windows open. I guarantee in two or three days with temperature below 10 degrees, they will all die.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can reduce the flea population significantly (by more than 80%) by using air conditioning. The threshold for survival is around 20 Celsius. Keeping the air conditioning temperature at this level or below, will kill the majority of fleas but it does take a few days.

Combined with the de-humidifier method, this will be very efficient in getting rid of fleas.

A more immediate method is using a vacuum cleaner. According to a study done in a Los Angeles university, high quality vacuums can reduce up to 96% of fleas in an environment. If you have a very good vacuum, it should perform similarly. An average house vacuum will also do a decent job, but it may take a little bit more effort. A good steam cleaning of the carpets and couches is always going to benefit you as well.

Do not be tempted to purchase the first product which claims that it will reduce the fleas on your dog with so many uses. The most important thing to develop is good cleaning habits and to create an environment that does not allow fleas to live. Your dog only has about 5% of all the fleas in your home. The rest are floating around everywhere else, on your coach, on your carpets, etc. While it is important to provide relief to your pet, you need to get to the root of the problem by cleaning up the entire environment.