Allergy Free Dogs

When we think about our dogs, we think about our best buddies. They are our closest companions and their love and devotion to us will always be prevalent through their actions. Some dogs in fact, help save lives. The Saint Bernard’s are known for their abilities to climb mountains and find stranded alpinists. The Newfoundland breed is known for jumping in the water and saving any creature that is drowning. Once this trait became apparent, this dog was valued highly by fishermen in eastern regions of North America. Then, there are worker dogs, like the Siberian husky or the Alaskan malamute who are happy to pull sleds and enjoy working hard.

In a lot of ways, our dogs are a lot like us. They all like to eat, sleep and most of all, they definitely love to play. Unfortunately, just like us, they experience health problems occasionally. This may increase as they age, but many problems are actually quite simple and can be treated easily. Some problems may be as simple as changing the type of food you are feeding your dog. In the search for allergy free dogs, it is important that you test with various dog foods, as it is one of the most common problems.

The majority of food allergies arise from hidden ingredients within the dog food. Please know that dog food is a mixture of oats, grains and several protein sources like meat, nuts or seeds. In order to make the food as nutritional as possible and cover all nutrient requirements for dogs, the food companies include many various ingredients. This is not necessarily a bad thing, even though it can cause problems once in a while.

However, just like humans, certain breeds of dogs are accustomed to a different diet. A Chihuahua’s nutritional choices will probably be very different than a working breed like a Doberman or a Boxer. Most of the time, dog food allergies result in a skin condition. It is important to look out for visible skin problems and warning signs.

If you are unfamiliar with how allergies work, they are caused by an over activation of the immune system. Your pet will eat or come in contact with a harmless chemical or substance and the immune system response will be triggered for no reason. Most of these will be manifested in a form of a skin condition. This causes the dog to scratch itself uncontrollably and should be regarded as the first warning sign.

Food allergies can cause excessive scratching, hair loss and rarely hot spots. But these tend to be quite true of all dog allergies. So the way to tell if your dog is truly allergic to food or something else is by its loose bowel movements. If a dog has allergies to the food it is eating, it will have very loose stools. Occasionally, the dog may even vomit.

Most dogs that have food allergies tend to be bothered by the high protein products in their dog food. These can be the beef, dairy products or soy. The best solution is to change to a different type of a dog food and watch out if the problem disappears. It is hard to tell which breed is allergic to which ingredients as it is not well documented across owners. Changing the food is the first step for allergy free dogs!